Course curriculum

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    • Segmented Course for Service Providers

    • Welcome Message

    • Description of The Mindset Series

    • Instructor Biography

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    Before Training Survey

    • Before Training Survey

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    • Mindset of a Victim Before being Trafficked Part 1

    • Mindset of a Victim Part 1 Quiz

    • Mindset of a Victim While Trafficked Part 2

    • Mindset of a Victim Part 2 - Quiz

    • Message from the instructor

    • SESSION 3, PART 1 - The Victim Centered Approach

    • Session 3 Part 1 - The Victim Centered Approach Quiz

    • Session 4 Part 2 - How to break the barriers

    • Session 4 Part 2 - How to break the barriers Quiz

    • Session 5 Part 3

    • Session 5 Part 3 Quiz

    • Thank you!

    • Human Trafficking 101 Manual for Service Providers

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    • Quiz

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    Bonus Material

    • Domestic Sex Trafficking 101 - Part 1

    • Domestic Sex Trafficking 101 - The Game - Part 2

    • Rayenne's story - Domestic Sex Trafficking

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    • After Training Survey


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    If you are a student participating in a private course hosted by a group that has retained Timea’s Cause Inc. for private training, you will receive a private link to access your specific course material. Note that we require a minimum of two weeks to edit and upload the recordings from live sessions onto Thinkific. You will receive an email from [email protected] two weeks after the live session with the link directly to your course. Note that you will still be required to register for an account to access the content in the direct link. If you are a student looking to register for individual training provided by Timea’s Cause Inc., then please use this link to enroll in the course of your choice:

  • Where can find the quiz?

    After you have enrolled, you will see your course title on the left side of the screen, below the title you will see the “Welcome” section and below that is the “Content” section. Click on the down arrow to open up the “Content” section. After you open up the content section, scroll down on the left side of the screen to where it says “Quiz”, click on the quiz.

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  • Can I redo the quiz?

    Yes, you can retake the quiz an unlimited number of times.